Tuesday, July 14, 2015

SDCC 2015 San Diego Comic-Con international & Conan O'Brien ConanCon

Got a chance to take a break and join the fun folks down in San Diego for comic-con 2015.

Lots of great cosplayers, collectibles, panels, stars, trailers, releases, and a bunch of other exciting news for comic fans. We were fortunate enough to score a few tickets to live taping of "Conan."

Well... Here is a few pictures of what we did and saw... I hope you enjoy it! 
Golden Vision Optometry staff's adventures outside Orange County.

Our wrist bands to ConanCon!

Our tickets to the show :)

 Kind healthy snack bars showing us some love
Us Cosplaying as " Lego Conan "
custom made by BrickbeardsCove

Conan Con Funko Pops! Comic Con exclusives!

We are in the building!!! SHOW TIME!!!!

Cast of " Game of Thrones "

Natalie Dormer signing autographs as she leaves the building

Thee One and only Conan O'Brien signing our 
FREE Comic Con Exclusive Funko Pops!
and also our Lego Conan head!!!!  Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

A few friendly cosplayers we met... 
 Bat Woman - Lego Conan - Silent Hill

 Fozzie da Bear! Classic!

The Lovely "Aja Dang" showing Lego Conan some love... <3
 X-Men Storm!

Wreck it Ralph - Vanellope 

 TMNT - Be Bop!

 Rocket Racoon!!!!!!!

Of course Lego HULK Buster!!! VS. HULK!!!
It was an amazing weekend we had. Thanks for reading...

Special thanks to @brickbeardscove for the amazing job making the Custom Lego Conan
and thank you to the amazing staff @teamcoco for putting up a great taping of the show entertaining us fans.

more info on custom Lego Head follow this link http://www.brickbeardscove.com/

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