Thursday, July 30, 2015

Ladies love the little blue box... Join us

We have TIFFANY & Co. 
along w/ Giorgio Armani this weekend for our summer trunk show specials...

FYI: UV risks

Be aware and take care of your beautiful eyes!  :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Rayban Emporio Armani Trunk Show!!!

Good News! We have Rayban  and Emporio Armani trunk show rolling through this weekend! 
Saturday July 18. Stop by and join us!
Gonna be lots of FUN and instagram selfie photo tag and hastag GoldenVisionOptometry for a free gift!

Additional in-store offers

SDCC 2015 San Diego Comic-Con international & Conan O'Brien ConanCon

Got a chance to take a break and join the fun folks down in San Diego for comic-con 2015.

Lots of great cosplayers, collectibles, panels, stars, trailers, releases, and a bunch of other exciting news for comic fans. We were fortunate enough to score a few tickets to live taping of "Conan."

Well... Here is a few pictures of what we did and saw... I hope you enjoy it! 
Golden Vision Optometry staff's adventures outside Orange County.

Our wrist bands to ConanCon!

Our tickets to the show :)

 Kind healthy snack bars showing us some love
Us Cosplaying as " Lego Conan "
custom made by BrickbeardsCove

Conan Con Funko Pops! Comic Con exclusives!

We are in the building!!! SHOW TIME!!!!

Cast of " Game of Thrones "

Natalie Dormer signing autographs as she leaves the building

Thee One and only Conan O'Brien signing our 
FREE Comic Con Exclusive Funko Pops!
and also our Lego Conan head!!!!  Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

A few friendly cosplayers we met... 
 Bat Woman - Lego Conan - Silent Hill

 Fozzie da Bear! Classic!

The Lovely "Aja Dang" showing Lego Conan some love... <3
 X-Men Storm!

Wreck it Ralph - Vanellope 

 TMNT - Be Bop!

 Rocket Racoon!!!!!!!

Of course Lego HULK Buster!!! VS. HULK!!!
It was an amazing weekend we had. Thanks for reading...

Special thanks to @brickbeardscove for the amazing job making the Custom Lego Conan
and thank you to the amazing staff @teamcoco for putting up a great taping of the show entertaining us fans.

more info on custom Lego Head follow this link

O'neil health fair

Health Fair @ O'neil 

Employees play our "Plinko Game"

Other activities

Lots of good folks coming, many things to see and learn...


Nice of the folks at Kind healthy snacks to share with us! 

 Kevin always checking his FAT % health NUT!!!! LOL

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Happy 4th of July Folks!!!

Fishing you all Happy 4th of July
We'll be closing July 3rd and 4th in celebration of Independence Day. Golden Vision Optometry would like to thank everyone for their continued support. Have a wonderful weekend!