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Yellowtail fish tacos after a great day of fishing in San Diego!

Great view and dinner with the GVO team after a long day at a seminar

Our fishing trip home made Ahi salad fresh caught from 
Baja mexico

Nice treat from Cream Pan from one of our Reps

Office Xmas dinner 2013

Xmas Cards :)

Xmas Dinner

Xmas spirit @ GVO 2011

Mindspeed Health Fair (Newport)

Health Fair Setup

Trunk Show

Golden Vision Supports & Sponsors
Irvine Boys & Girls Basketball Team

Golden Vision Supports & Sponsors
Woodbridge Warrior Boys Basketball Team

University High School Trojans
Girls Volley Ball team

Xmas Greetings from Duane, Lori, and Colton
thank you so much :)

Golden Vision Optometry Staff's 2010 Annual X-MAS Dinner 
( courtesy of DR. Chang )

Back in time 
many many moons ago...