Thursday, April 7, 2016

Who's going to Coachella?

Quick shout out to AFTERS ice cream... Good friends of ours having 3 booth setup to keep you guys stuffed and cooled w/ those Milky Buns!

Who's Coachella Ready???

Coachella is a week from now...

We like to make sure you're Coachella ready!
Make sure to stay hydrated, rewetting eye drops, hand sanitizer, bring a nice pair of UV protected sunglasses (if polarized, even better!). Don't forget to bring a fresh contact lens case and a sufficient amount or travel size contact lens solution (for contact lens wearer). If you don't have any available at your disposal? Please come by our office I'll give you one for you adventure. 

Best case scenario for contact lens wear perhaps bring One-Day contacts. Avoid the need for purchasing and carrying contact lens case/solutiion.

Last note... 

Rock out!!! 
Have a fun and amazing week at Coachella!!!

Last weeks health fair event

 Health Fair

                   We're back at it again with health fairs. Visiting the good folks at TEN-X.  Educating and being involve helping people understand the importance of annual eye examination and eye health check-ups. 

A couple happy campers winning prizes from our mini plinko game