Wednesday, July 2, 2014

New 3D Printed ic! berlin Suns with Frozen Lens Technology are Available Now!

ic! berlin has recently released a collection of three plotic! sunglasses with exclusive new frozen mirrored lenses: frozen greenfrozen gold, and frozen blue.  ic! berlin is the first manufacturer to launch the lenses, and they are available here @ Golden Vision Optometry 

The frames themselves are also 3D printed - a new technology to ic! berlin.  "We've mastered steel, we've mastered acetate, now the next frontier - ic! berlin presents plotic! - 3D eyewear by Selective Laser Sintering". Plotic! is extremely lightstrongflexible, and, because there is no material waste from the manufacturing process, very environmentally friendly!  Unlike competition 3D printed eyewear, plotic! is a thermoplastic print so can be fitted and adjusted just like traditional shell frames. 

The target demographic of the eyewear is a tech-savvy, luxury, first-generation adopter.  Stop by check out this new unique, exclusive eyewear technology from ic! berlin NOW!

We currently have all 3 frames and all 3 frozen lens. 

Exclusively at 

Golden Vision Optometry

call or visit now to see them in person.

Golden Vision Optometry
15333 Culver Dr. ste. 690
Irvine CA, 92604

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