Monday, August 15, 2011

blecho rules the world

"what is money?" and "what represents the value of money?"

blecho: born 21th of june 2010

1. introduction:
ic! berlin, the company for sheet metal glasses from berlin, is launching a new currency: the blecho. 10.000 blecho coins, minted by the official mint of germany, are ready to be used.

but how will it become a real currency in the next step, existing alongside the euro, dollar or yen or maybe even replace them?

as for the value guarantee ic! berlin is oriented towards former gold currencies such as the pound, and is backing the blecho with sheet metal glasses.
the current questions "what is money?" and "what represents the value of money?" have to be asked and answered. or it is sufficient to establish a (some) basic relationship(s) and then trust that the rest will sort itself out, that the blecho will be accepted as a means of payment - even if one doesn't know exactly why and how it came about. (ultimately very similar to how we are handling the euro now???) question mark question mark question mark and it is not certain whether this essay will be able to solve them or add some more.

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