Monday, April 11, 2011

Live Life Without Compromise

GVO Signature Lenses are available to meet your specific lifestyle needs. Ask your eye care specialist which ones are right for you.

The Digital Difference 
Today, the world is digital. It is high definition. Introducing Golden Vision Signature Digital Progressive lenses for you glasses. Every Digital lens is personalized to your unique prescription. No two lenses are the same because each Digital progressive lens is computer engineered.

Instead of thinking of the term digital lens as an object think of it instead as a process; a digitally computed lens. There are many ways to digitally create a lens and this process is often referred to as the free-form process. Everything from the lens mold to the lens surfacing was creating using highly advanced software that digitally computed the data of the frame, the lens type, the prescription and the focal point. Yet it does not stop there, the lenses are then checked, buffed and polished using specialized equipment before they are ready to be dispensed.

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